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Glenn Danzig is so damn cool that people are not only still finding inspiration in his 'male Aretha Franklin' style singing, but are actually being heavily influenced by him and STILL sounding cool and original. Most of the time when people wear their influences on their sleeves, they end up sounding boring, derivative, and uncreative... but Blak does not fall into that horrible category.

Blak is a 5 member band that, while sounding enough like the Misfits/Samhain/Danzig in parts to make you feel familiar and comfortable, go out of their way to push themselves, their music, and their work to the next level. On this little EP sampler (a sneak peek into the full length coming soon!) we are greeted with three songs (three wicked songs) that are all at once familiar and fairly nostalgic as well as brave and brand new.

Of the three songs, the 'single', 'Frankenstein Valentine' sticks out to me as the strongest. Hell, the title even brings to mind a little bit of Mister Monster joy... and as anyone out there who knows me should know, the quickest way to win a favorable review from me is to throw in a little Mister Monster reference.

Included with the EP are two videos. One is a live version of one of the EP's songs, but the other is a music video for 'Frankenstein Valentine'. The videos are a fun addition and add to the interesting elements of the band.

With this sampler now I’m really excited for the full length!







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Actually there are 5 people in the band. not 4. 

thank you for the review! 

Has been corrected. Sorry if you saw the stack Charlie has to review you would get confused at times too, haha.

lol thanks!

oh god! im so sorry. damn my clumsy mind. haha i even went through all the material. haha. but seriously some killer material here! sorry about the screw up!

LOL it's no problem! thanks again!


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