by: Charlie J.J. Kruger


The artwork for this album uses a lightly modified version of the cover for the classic slasher/giggler 'April Fool's Day', so from the outset, it was clear to me that this band had a little touch of the old 'tongue in cheek' element to them.

Punky singalong hard rock, I think that is the way I would classify these guys if I had to pick a label. And I like this, super fun and poppy, the band works their way through a short EP, delivering little laughs, warnings of horrible alcoholism, film references, and punchy riffs.

The singer's voice (on all but the strange 'Likker & Whores' track) reminds me of John Lydon's work with some of the early Public Image Ltd. Songs. Which is weird. But super appreciated.
In all this EP is a fun thing to throw on for a quick ride in the car, or for a walk down the block. These guys know how to have some fun.

The only real downside for the EP is that one song, 'Likker & Whores' is just out of place with it's super tongue in cheek 'cow-rock' country-fried sex romp vibe. They nail the style and clearly have fun with it, the change from the other songs is just super jarring.

Fun stuff either way. Crack open some of the Devil's brew and listen up!





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I really dig this. A little different and quirky but refreshing. I like the different styles. Breaks thing up a little bit. Good stuff!! Would like to hear a full length...


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