reviewed by: Charlie J.J. Kruger


Psychobilly isn’t QUITE the write word... I think. Its more like Horror-billy. Its a little more Calabrese than it is Tiger Army. Now, that isn’t a complaint. I am really impressed with this album. The clear threads of Blitzkid-love run through the album, and even rear their heads in songs like 'Dancing With The Devil', which may be my favorite track.

The band is solid, and plays with sharp precision and passion. Each member seems to love what they are doing, and have a lot of fun tracking this album. And the singer has just the right voice for the band. He never dips to far into Danzig, or a Dracula impression. He stays firmly planted in his own impressive range and power, while only lightly peppering in those influences here and there to remind you that this is horror-punk, and it is proud of it.

The song 'True Love Never Dies' is a nice piece that I think needs singling out on the album. The backing vocals are groovy and strong, and the rolling riff will be stuck in my mind for days.
This is a solid piece of work, and I think that if you are in the mood for something groovy, punky, and a little undead, this is the album for you.


Available at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/pain7


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