by: Charlie J.J. Kruger


These guys are really fun. Clean vocals, screaming, even some death grunts, distortion, clean production, and ripped from the crypt lead guitar lines. ok. This EP grows on you. It kicks ass more and more as it goes on. And before you know it, its all over.


That is kinda annoying with EP releases. By the time the album is in full swing and you want it to carry you away for another 20 minutes, it stops.  Luckily, you can just loop the EP, and problem solved.


I’m impressed with the work on this album. It is super clean, super polished, and super rehearsed. Each track seems to know what is above it and below it just well enough to know how to flip and flail within their own space. Nothing spills over, and nothing feels too long or forced. Its really cool, and a welcome change from a lot of horror-rock where lack of ability is played off as intentional. These guys are accomplished especially the voices! God, the vocals on this EP are impeccable. They rotate and mutate through guttural, soaring, clean, cracking, and brutal from one moment to the next.


If these guys are a part of the future of horror-rock, then thank the dark lord Danzig himself.


I cant wait for the next album!







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