Hey everyone. Val Knox here.

This is the first in a series of blogs that myself and maybe the boys will be posting during our Takeover about horror rock bands we like, but you may not know.

The first band I would like to introduce to you are THE HOWLING BULLETS, a band we played with in 2012 around Halloween as part of a series of shows I have been putting on called Horror Night In Oshawa (or HNIO)

The Howling Bullets are a 4 piece horror rock band out of the ever growing Toronto, ON music scene. They are a cool combination of rockabilly and blues, complete with horrific undertones in their lyrics. In my opinion, they are rock n roll and old school horror with their content and I love it. Their live show is something else. Red flood lights, smoke machine, TWO bass players. They look like a scary 50's horror gang on stage and it is so fucking cool. They just released their debut record in 2012, 'From The Public Domain'.

They are gearing up to get back to shows in, around, and outside the GTA this year. If you get a chance, you should definitely catch them. Maybe you will catch us with them too ;) As well, quite possibly (but not announced) a new record from them later this year. You may be able to catch them playing local home turf gigs along the infamous Queen West strip in downtown Toronto, the closest gig being January 12th at the Cadillac Lounge.

The Howling Bullets are

DanO Villano - Vocals, Bass
Jordan Sane - Vocals, Bass
Seanbelly Sewell - Guitar
Alvin Lapp - Drums

Howling Bullets interesting facts:

Their practice space is the old Von Drats (Dano Villano's previous band) studio in the alley where the infamous 2005 Torso Murder took place

Alvin used to be in Buffalo/Phoenix band The Quakes. He drummed on the album "Quiff Rock"

Jordan has toured with the likes of Alice Cooper across North America in his previous band Crash Kelly

Seanbelley Sewell plays in another 'trashy garage rock/psychobilly/rock n roll' band out of Toronto called Blue Mercury Coupe with Big Rude Jake.

Seriously, check these guys out! Well that wraps up my first blog in this series! I hope you have enjoyed it, and I look forward to more of these!

Val Knox


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